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For federal judges, the answer is Congress. Federal judges can be impeached by the House of Representatives and tried by the Senate.

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Q: Who can impeach and convict judges for serious crimes?
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Officials who are appointed by senior judges to hear less serious cases are who?


What are six ways congress check the other branches of government?

Congress has the ability to impeach the President, and remove judges from office for improper conduct. Congress can also make laws and override a presidential veto of a bill. Congress also has the power to give approval on budget spending and approve judges and supreme court justices.

How long do judges get to keep their jobs?

This depends on the office. Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States are appointed for life. Justices of the various state supreme courts serve for varying terms. In some states like California, justices serve for life, but can be voted out of office in a recall election. Some judges are appointed for fixed terms, and some are elected. Any judge can be impeached by the legislature and removed from office in the case of serious crimes or malpractice, but this is extremely rare. You will need to check the laws for the area in which you are interested.

The legislative branch can check the judicial branch by its power to?

The legislative Branch can check the Judicial branch in that Congress can approve the Judicial appointments, they can also impeach judges and remove them from office.

How can a legislative branch exert power over the other two branches?

It makes laws! Some powers it holds over the other branches are: As to the executive branch, it may impeach, convict and remover the president; it may override a presidential veto and it has the power of the purse to fund or not fund programs the president wants to put into place. As to the judicial branch the Senate must confirm nominations of people to be judges, it fixes the number of judges and justices in the courts; it fixes rules of procedure within the courts; it may impeach judges in the same way it may impeach a president. It also fixes the salaries of everyone in all branches although it may not reduce the salary of the president or most judges and all justices while they are serving.

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Who can impeach a judge for wrong doing?

Yes, judges can be thrown out.

Is congress allowed to impeach supreme court judges?

yes the can beause their congress

Can the House of Representatives impeach a state supreme court justice?

Yes, the House of Representatives has the sole power of impeachment, and they may exercise their authority against federal judges if there is a legitimate reason to believe a judge is guilty of "high crimes and misdemeanors."

Can the judicial branch impeach judges and change number of Supreme Court justices?

No. These are functions of the Legislative Branch.

Which power of Congress allows it to exert some control over the make-up of the courts?

The power to impeach judges

Who has the authority to impeach government officials including the president and vice president judges members of Congress and department of directors?


Who has the authority to impeach government official including the president and Vice President judges members of congress and department directors?


Have judges been convicted of crimes?

Absolutely, Judges are held just as accountable for crimes. Some have lost their jobs due to this, and even some have served time in jail. They are not held above the law at all.

What branch of government can impeach judges for poor behavior?

Congress has the power of impeachment. The House brings the indictment and the Senate sits in judgement.

How does the legislative branch check on the judicial bbranch?

Congress establishes lower federal courts Congress can impeach and remove federal judges

Why does the constitution define treason?

I believe it is because it is necessary for the Judges to know what the crime would be.

What all can the legislative branch do?

Make laws. Impeach members of the executive and judicial branches. Establish the national budget.