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In 1862, Officer David Farragut was able to capture the city of New Orleans without needing to take the battle into the city itself. Instead, he captured the Forts Jackson and Philip, then went unopposed in his conquest of the city. The capture of the Confederacyâ??s largest city, marked a turning point in the war.

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David Farragut crossed confederate lines to capture New Orleans.

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Admiral David Farragut

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Q: Who captured New Orleans in 1862?
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The union captured New Orleans in what year?

in 1862

What major southern city was captured in 1862?

New Orleans

Who was the Union commander whose fleet captured New Orleans in 1862?

Flag Officer David G. Farragut commanded the Union fleet the captured New Orleans. He was assisted by Flag Officer David Porter. New Orleans surrendered April 28, 1862.

What was the first major Confederate city captured in February 1862?

On February 23, 1862 Nashville, Tennessee was the first Confederate state capital to fall to the Union. New Orleans was the first major Confederate city captured, however this was in April 1862.

Which city was captured by a union fleet and thus cut off the confederacy from receiving supplies?

The first Confederate city captured by the Union Army was New Orleans in 1862. New Orleans was the largest port city in the Confederacy. By the end of the war, the Union had also captured Mobile, Savannah, Charleston, and Wilmington in order to deprive the Confederacy of supplies.

What city did admiral Farragut captured in 1862?

he captured New Oleans in 1862

What was the southern city captured by admiral David Farragut?

The southern city captured by Admiral David Farragut was New Orleans, Louisiana. The capture took place on April 29, 1862.

What admiral captured New Orleans and Mobile?

admiral David Farragut captured New Orleans and Mobile.

What were major Confederate ports during the Civil War?

Charleston, SC New Orleans, LA Galveston, TX (for awhile)

What were David Glasgow Farragut's most notable accomplishment?

He captured New Orleans and was victorious in the Battle of Mobile Bay.

Who was the naval leader from Tennessee who captured new Orleans?

the union naval leader was David Farragut who captured New Orleans.

Who captured New Orleans for the Union in April 1862?

David G. Farragut, Flag Officer and Flag Officer David Porter of the United States Navy captured New Orleans. The formal surrender was on Apr.25, 1862. The first Union infantry troops entered the city on May 1,1862 starting the military occupation of the city.