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The Leader of the Senate is always the Vice-President. And if the Vice-President isn't there, then the President pro-tempore(temporary President) is in charge.

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Q: Who chooses senate majority leader?
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How are officers in the House and Senate chosen?

House and Senate leaders are chosen by their party caucuses (so the party that holds the majority of seats chooses the majority leader and the Speaker of the House, while the party in the minority chooses the minority leader).

Why are there 2 leaders for the senate?

I assume you're referring to the Majority Leader and Minority Leader. There are two because there are two major parties; each party chooses its own leader, with the party that holds the majority of seats selecting the Majority Leader.

The real leadership power in the Senate rests in the hands of who?

The Vice President is considered to be president over the Senate and holds the deciding vote. The true leader of the senate, however, is the leader of the majority.

The leader of the majority party in the senate?

the current Senate Majority Leader is Harry Reid (D) of Nevada

Which party now selects the senate majority leader and all the senate committee chairs?

The Democratic party currently holds a majority in the senate, and therefore selects the senate majority leader and the senate committee chairs.

Who is harry reid in the senate?

Senate Majority Leader.

Who scheduling bills in the senate?

the senate majority leader

Who is majority leader of the US senate?

Harry Reid (D-NV) has been the majority leader in the Senate since 2007.

Who was a majority leader of the senate in the 108th congress?

The U.S. Senate Majority leader is Harry Reid, a Democrat. He has been at this position in the Senate since 2007. The Minority Leader of the Senate is Mitch McConnell.

Is the senates' leader called a Speaker?

No, the leader of the senate is called the majority leader.

In contrast to the speaker of the house the senate majority leader?

The Speaker dominates the House, which is strongly partisan. In the Senate, the Majority Leader shares power with the Minority Leader.

Is the senate majority leader in the presidential line of succession?

No. The president pro tempore of the Senate, the longest- serving member of the Senate, is third in the line of succession but the Senate majority leader is not on the list.