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J.D Rockefeller

Or John D. Rockefeller

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Q: Who controlled the oil industry and crushed the competition?
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Who controlled a monopoly that controlled 95 percent of America's oil industry?


Today The oil industry in Mexico is controlled by?

The state.

How is JD Rockefeller captain of industry?

John D. Rockefeller was a captain of industry because he crushed all local competition during his campaign with his oil company. He earned over 900 million dollars during his career and donated 550 million to charity. Hope this helps :D

What has the author Leslie J Cookenboo written?

Leslie J. Cookenboo has written: 'Crude oil pipe lines and competition in the oil industry' -- subject(s): Petroleum industry and trade, Petroleum pipelines

Was the man who organized and controlled much of Americas oil industry in the late 19 century?

John D. Rockefeller

What is the industry of oil?

the oil industry is oil

What is the oil industry?

the oil industry is oil

How did John D. Rockefeller gain control in the oil industry?

He sold his oil for lower prices then the competition and drove the rival company into the ground. He then purchased these companies and expanded his business area. He continued to do this until he gained control over 90% of American oil sales

What did Rockefeller hate most?

Rockefeller was known to dislike competition, particularly from other companies in the oil industry. He worked to establish a monopoly with his company, Standard Oil, in order to control the market and eliminate rivals.

What is a sentence for the word foreign?

Although the food was foreign to her, Jenny was eager to taste it. Foreign investors once controlled most of Venezuela's oil industry.

What industry did Rockefeller have a monopoly?

Oil industry. Founder of Standard oil.

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