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Masters controlled the slaves during the American Revolution. Mostly the war was fought in the north then in the south. So the war didn't effect their living really.

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Q: Who controlled the slaves during the American Revolution?
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Are them still African American Slaves During the American Revolution?


Where some African Americans descendants of slaves who where freed during the American Revolution?

Yes, there were many slaves in America after the American Revolution that were eventually freed.. We find that even before the American Civil War there were many African-American men and women that had never been slave living in America.

Which group of people were allowed to fight for the British during the American Revolution in exchange for their freedom when the war ended?


Did the slaves get emancipated after the American revolution?


Were African Americans slaves during the revolution?

During the American revolution, there were black slaves, black former slaves that had paid off their indenture, and free black people. However, the concept of the evil of slavery was a hot topic at the time. President Washington and others made moves to abandon slavery for the country. Too bad he never freed his own slaves . . .

What was woman's roll in the American revolution?

Have children to make them slaves

What are three examples of slaves codes?

Slave Codes were sets of laws during the colonial period and/or in individual states after the American Revolution, which defined the status of slaves and the rights and responsibilities of slave owners.

How many slaves were evacuated by the british during the revolution?


What sectors of society did not have interest that were a direct spark for the American Revolution?


Who revolted in the Haitian revolution?

It was mainly the slaves and African American people.

Did trade grow or slow after the American Revolution?

Trade slowed after the American Revolution. The Continental Congress decreed that no imports would enter the American colonies, including slaves.

How many slaves that participated in the American Revolution died?

not enough if we still lost