Who created the IRS?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They say the government did around 1871 or so as The Bureau of Internal Revenue and then in 1953 or so it changed it's name to the Internal Revenue Service.

That's what they (the IRS) say anyway....

I think it's all a big farce. A scam. A joke on you and me that we just keep on keepin on....

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Q: Who created the IRS?
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The IRS was established in 1862 to be responsible for enforcing the internal revenue laws. The IRS was then Hijacked by the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 to act as its collection agency.

How was the Internal Revenue Service created?

Abraham Lincoln created the IRS in order to help recover expenses incurred by the Civil War.

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No, the IRS government is not a legit branch. The IRS works for a branch of the government but it does not have its own branch. The IRS works for the executive branch.

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