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all the people

All the people that are given the franchise.

There has never been a true and full democracy. Nor should there be.

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Direct Democracies, which compose a number of limited initiatives, such as exist in some Swiss cantons, are governments where the INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS vote directly on issues, without a Congress or other indirect form of election. The difficulty and complexity of modern government have effectively made direct democracy impossible.

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You do, young Skywalker

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The people

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Q: Who decides government matters in direct democracy?
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Why is there a difference between a direct democracy and a representative democracy?

In a direct democracy an assembly of the citizens decides on all matters of government and law. In a representative democracy, citizens elect representatives to a parliament, and these representatives vote on the issues of government. Direct democracy is not possible in a large state as it has been impracticable for citizens to travel regularly to an assembly over large distances. The problem with representatives is 'do they really represent the opinions of their electors?' With the internet it would now be possible to take direct peoples' votes regularly, but don't hold your breath waiting for the politicians to give up their power and perks.

What is a system in which all citizens meet to debate government matters and vote firsthand?

Direct democracy is a system in which all citizens gather to discuss and vote on government issues directly, without elected representatives. This form of democracy allows for more direct participation by the general population in decision-making processes.

How are direct democracy and representative democracy different?

direct democracy is each person's decision directly affects the outcome of a vote. Representative democracy is the citizens elect officials to represent them in the government. These elected officials then meet to make the country's laws and to enforce them.

What is a government run by the people called?

A democracy.

What are two types of democracy?

The two types of democracy are direct democracy and representative democracy. In a direct democracy, the government is composed of the citizens, who all vote on any issue that may arise. In a representative democracy, the citizens elect people to represent them, and then their elected representatives form a government and act on behalf of the people who elected them.

Is Direct Democracy an unlimited government?

no it is a limited government.

How was the direct democracy in Athens different from the representatives democracy that the US Practices today?

Athens didn't elect leaders to make laws, the U.S doesn't gather in mass meetings to decide on government matters.

Government of the people?

direct democracy

What government does Athen's have?

they had a direct democracy

How is a direct democracy different from a regular democracy?

Define regular democracy. A democracy is a government by the people. A direct democracy is a type of democracy.

Is switerzland entirely a direct democracy?

Switzerland is not entirely a direct democracy. It is the closest state in the world to a direct democracy. Switzerland features a system of government called direct representation.

What is a difference between US government and Athens government?

The U.S's government is a representive democracy and Athens was a direct democracy