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In some countries, the founding document (the Constitution, for example) defines how much power the leaders and members of the government will have. In America, for example, there are three branches of government, and the Constitution defines their roles and powers. In other countries, where there is a monarch (a king or queen) or a Dictatorship, there are fewer limits on how much power the leader can exercise.

In a democracy, it is supposed to be the voters who determine how much power a government has. But historically, the political party that is in power is often able increase its own influence, whether that is what the voters wanted or not. Still, in countries where there is a system of checks and balances, one party or one leader generally is not able to become too powerful, and politicians who displease the voters may find they are not re-elected.

One of the most common criticisms of many governments today, including that of the United States, is that lobbyists and corporations are able to use large amounts of money to influence government policy. This money is delivered as political donations to the campaigns of the candidates they want elected, and it can subvert the democratic process.

On the other hand, the democratic process can (and does) still work, as politicians who are seen as having over-reached or who have tried to implement unpopular policies can lose the next election and be replaced by candidates in whom the public has more confidence.

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The people who decide how a particular nation is governed will depend on their style of government. In most case, elected politicans will determine how a nation is governed.

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Q: Who decides how much power a government will receive?
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