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who decides what good literature is ?

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Q: Who decides what good literature is?
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What is a good sentence for the word literature?

he takes literature.

What is the word for printed material of any kind?

Literature...good luck with your homework!

What is a sentence using create and literature?

Wordsworth did certainly create an abundance of good literature.

Why read classic literature. How does it help US What does it improve in our lives?

It is good. Unlike new literature, which normally has nothing much to recommend it beyond its newness, old literature tends to be good. That's how it got old, by being good. The no-good stuff didn't get old, it got forgotten.

What elements of literature is a good point of comparison for many works of literature?

plot, point, protagonist, antagonist

What's so good about literature?

Because they just do.

Public health emergencies that are not site specific are a good use for what?

read the FEMA literature read the FEMA literature

What are the standard of good literature?

Good literature is often characterized by strong storytelling, engaging themes that resonate with readers, well-developed characters, creative use of language, and the ability to evoke emotion or provoke thought. Additionally, good literature may also challenge societal norms or offer unique perspectives on the human experience. Ultimately, the standard of good literature is subjective and can vary based on individual preferences and cultural contexts.

What does classic literature do for a person or nation?

A classic literature show the riches of the past and many ideas works have been inspired. ex. a classic literature help as to have a good knowledge.

What type of literature did John Steinbeck use?

your literature(: bahahaha! Good one right?(: haha jk jk! no but seriously it is ur literature that you use right nowww. thanksss(:

What is the relationship between climate and agriculture?

Climate directly influences agricultural productivity by affecting factors such as temperature, rainfall, and humidity. Changes in climate patterns can impact crop growth, pest populations, and water availability, leading to shifts in agricultural practices and crop yields. Sustainable agricultural practices can help mitigate the impacts of climate change on food production.

Who decides the cover for your book?

The publisher determines the title and cover for your book. If you have a good idea, submit it.