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Q: Who defended the rights of both slaves and woman?
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Who defended the rights for both slaves and women?

Mary Todd Lincoln defended the rights of both slaves and women.

Who defended the rights of both enslaved people and women?

Harriet Beecher Stowe

How did the ideas of the enlightenment advance both the abolition movement and the woman's rights movement?

They caused people to consider how freedom and equality applied to slaves and women.

What did elizabeth cady Stanton have to do with the civil war?

Stanton was a firm supporter of woman AND rights for African- Americans. She worked alongside Frederick Douglass for both causes.She helped slaves escape.

Which of these was both an abolitionist and an activity for woman's rights?

Sojourner Truth

What is the same about cuba and America?

they both have woman equal rights and presidants

Did gay men have the same rights as women during the holocaust?

yes, both groups had zero rights and were effectively considered to be flawed slaves.

How did reformers work to improve the lives of slaves and women?

Reformers advocating for the rights of slaves worked to abolish slavery through political activism, legal challenges, and the Underground Railroad. Reformers advocating for the rights of women worked to secure suffrage, expand educational opportunities, and promote legal and social equality through movements such as the Women's Rights Movement and the Suffrage Movement. Both groups faced resistance but made significant strides in improving the lives of those they advocated for.

What were the north state rights during the civil war?

Much freer for slaves. Pretty much the same in both for whites

Who defended the rights of both slaves and women?

abolitionists were considered to be people who wanted to get rid of a law that was not fair. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a big time helper in the women suffrages movement, you will find more women who helped hopefully when further researching her. Sojourner Truth was an activist back when slaves were just breaking free she wrote many books telling the northerners what was actually going on in the south. Harriet Tubman, and many more.

Which of the following describes a similarity between affranchis and African slaves in Saint-Domingue before the Haitian Revolution?

Answer this question… Both were denied political rights because of their race.

What is are some similarities between house slaves and field slave?

House slaves and field slaves both experienced harsh living conditions and were subjected to physical and emotional abuse by their owners. They were both treated as property rather than as human beings with rights and were often separated from their families. Additionally, both groups were essential to the operation of the plantation economy in the United States.