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I believe it was Igor I. Sikorsky 'Le Grand' to be the worlds first four-engine aircraft.

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Q: Who designed worlds first four-engine aircraft?
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Who designed the worlds first 4 engine aircraft?

Igor Sikorsky in 1913

Who designed the first four engine aircraft?

Igor Sikorsky designed and flew the first 4-engine aircraft named LeGrand.

Who designed and built the first 1000 mph aircraft?

bell aircraft company

Where did elizabeth macgill design her first aircraft?

Elizabeth Macgill designed her first aircraft in the University of Toronto, Canada.

Who designed the worlds first pyramid?

The ancient Egyptians made the pyramids

When was the first military aircraft carrier invented?

The British ship HMS Hermes was the first ship designed and built as an aircraft carrier. She was commissioned in 1924. The Japanese ship Hosho was the first converted aircraft carrier in 1922.

Find the name of a famous battle?

Battle of the Coral Sea; worlds first clash of aircraft carriers.

Worlds first passenger jet aircraft?

de Havilland Comet, which entered commercial service in 1952

What American aircraft manufacturer that designed the first army planes that flew around the world?

Donald Douglass

What was noteworthy about the Lippisch Ente?

The Lippisch Ente was the first rocket-powered full-size aircraft. The Lippisch Ente was designed by Alexander Lippisch. The aircraft was first flown on June 11, 1928 and was piloted by Fritz Stamer.

What is a nuclear capable aircraft?

That is an aircraft designed to transport nuclear bomb safely to the area to be dropped. The first nuclear capable aircraft used in history was a B29 bomber named Enola Gay which was modified to carry the nuclear artifact.

In 1924 who was the American aircraft manufacturer that designed the first army planes that flew around the world?

cookies 'n' cream!