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George F. Kennan, toward the Truman doctrine

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George F. Kennan

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Q: Who developed the theory of containment?
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Who is credited with introducing the theory of containment?


Which policy developed by diplomat George F. Kennan was dedicated to preventing the further spread of communism throughout the Cold War?


Is containment theory relevant to the Pax Americana?

Containment theory, developed during the Cold War to prevent the spread of communism, is not directly relevant to the concept of Pax Americana, which refers to the relative peace and stability maintained by American dominance after World War II. However, containment did play a role in shaping US foreign policy during this period, which in turn influenced the establishment of the Pax Americana.

What was Lyndon B. Johnson's theory to get involved in the war?

Domino-Theory and containment policy.

Which policywas developed by diplomat George F Kennan?


President Eisenhower's domino theory was based on the idea of?


What referred to the theory of isolating or resisting the spread of communism?


Who was the first president to support containment?

Harry Truman is the president most associated with the containment theory against communist domination- think NATO and the Korean War.

Was containment a reason for going to Iraq?

Indirectly. There was a fear that if Iraq developed weapons of mass destruction that he might sell them on the black market. However, the term "containment" is typically used in reference to Communism and, in that regard, containment was not a reason for going to Iraq.

Who developed a theory of eugenics in the late nineteenth century?

Francis Galton developed the theory of Eugenics

Who developed the first scientific theory?

john dalton developed the atomic theory , which he published in 1803

In 1776 Adam Smith developed which theory?

Adam Smith developed the theory of classical capitalism.