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The Louisiana Purchase refers to America buying Louisiana from France. This happened in 1803, during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson.

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James Monroe and Robert R. Livingston

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Q: Who did America purchase Louisiana from?
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What were advantages of The Louisiana Purchase?

The Louisiana purchase doubled the size of America and we could trade more

When did America purchase Louisiana purchase?

in 1803

When did America acquire the Louisiana Purchase?

The date of the Louisiana Purchase was April 30, 1803

The most significant result of the Louisiana Purchase in America was the?

The westward expansion was the most significant result of the Louisiana Purchase in America. The purchase was made in 1803.

What year did the America buy The Louisiana Purchase?

The US bought the Louisiana purchase from France in 1803.

Why did America purchase Louisiana from Britain?

The U.S. didnt purchase Louisiana Territory from Britain they purchased it from France!!

Who did Spain give The Louisiana Purchase to?


America purchased the Louisiana terriotory from what country?

Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase from the French.

Was The Louisiana Purchase done while America was still in colonies?

No. President Jefferson acquired Louisiana in 1803.

Why did America win the Northwest Territory from the Chinese?

The Northwest territories were part of the Louisiana Purchase which we bought from France. NO!!! the Louisiana purchase had nothing to do with the noethwest!!!!!!!1

Exactly how big was the Louisiana Purchase?

it doubled the size of America at that time

When did US bought Louisiana from France?

The Louisiana Purchase in 1803 for $15 million.