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Anne of Cleves: I don't think she was his sort of lady... !

Actually it's most unlikely that Henry VIII ever called Anne of Cleves a Falnders Mare. This "quote" was first attributed to Henry in Smollett's Histroy of England in 1759, 200 years after their marriage. Of all that was written in Henry's time nowhere was this phrase ever mentioned.

It's true that Henry took an instant dislike to Anne, their first meeting was a disaster. Henry put on a disguise and met her without revealing his true identity. He was no longer the handsome athletic man his legend claimed, he was by then enormously fat with a leg that carried a stinking, infected ulcer. She paid this unattractive stranger no attention and Henry left with his ego shattered.

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Q: Who did King Henry call flanders mare?
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Did Henry the VIII call anne of cleves a horse?

He is said to have referred to her as a "Flanders mare"

Which wife of Henry VIII was called the Mare Of Flanders?

It was his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, who Henry reputedly called a 'Flanders mare'.Anne of Cleeves' nickname was 'The Flanders Mare.'

Who is the Mare of Flanders'?

That would be Anne of Cleaves, Henry's fourth wife. He said she was ugly and called here 'The fat mare of Flanders's' (she was from a place in Germany, close to Flanders's)

What nickname did Henry VIII call his fourth wife Anne of Cleves?

He described her as "The Flanders Mare" However, "rose without a thorn" This was for his 5th wife Katherine Howard not for Anne of Cleves

Why was Henry disappionted with anne of cleves?

She was very ugly. He called her "Flanders mare".

What was Anne of Cleves called by Henry VIII?

She was ugly so she was called a Flanders mare.

Which of henry viii wives was called mare of flanders?

none of them, he only had six and i dont recall there one being called mare of flanders, unless he had a secret wife we dont know about !

What was Anne Of Cleves The Mare of?

The Flanders mare !

What was anne of cleves best known as?

She didn't DO anything, she was married to Henry VIII, his fourth wife, he divorced because he thought she was ugly

What was Anne of Cleves known as?

It is often said that Henry VIII referred to her as the 'Flanders Mare' but if he did he would only have said this in private. Prior to her marriage with Henry she was referred to as 'the Lady of Cleves' and during her brief marriage she was called 'Queen Anne' by virtue of her being the King's wife (she was not crowned). After the divorce and due to the amiable relationship that formed between Henry and Anne she was referred to as the king's 'sister'.

What was the Derogatory name for anne of cleves?

The Flanders Mare.

Was Catherine parr fat?

No, she had a good figure. You may be thinking of Anne of Cleves, the 'Flanders Mare'. Also the King's first wife, Catherine of Aragon, had put on a lot of weight, as well as being totally dedicated to prayer, both of which Henry found off-putting.