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Q: Who did President Washington side with on the issue of a national bank?
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What did president Washington do on the issue of whether or not congress could establish a national bank?

sided with hamilton

What is the history of the state commercial banks?

Among the first institutions created by the administration of President George Washington was the Bank of the United States. Washington's Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, insisted that a national bank was necessary to.

Battle over national bank?

The battle over national bank happened when president Jackson wanted to get rid of the national bank

The major issue in the election of 1832 was?

The national bank

What was a major issue in the election of 1832.?

The National Bank

Can Malaysia National Bank issue MT 760?

Yes. The Malayasian can isue the National Bank MT 760.

Who was the president of the national bank during Andrew Jackson's presidency?

Nicholas Biddle was the president of the bank. He challenged Jackson and got Congress to renew the bank's charter in 1832, an election year. Jackson vetoed the bill to re-charter and the existence of the bank became a campaign issue.

Washington ______, and Congress _____ the National bank?

Agreed, created

What happened as a result of President Andrew Jackson's opposition to the National Bank?

Jackson won the election of 1832 after the bank president forced renewal of the bank charter to be a campaign issue. After the charter was not renewed, Jackson hastened its demise by ordering federal money to be taken out of it and moved to state banks.

President Jackson viewed the national bank as?


Who create a US bank?

Well, Hamilton and Washington created the first National Bank of the US.

Did George Washington support the first national bank of the US?

Yes. Washington signed the statute authorizing the creation of the first Bank of the United States. He reportedly had reservations about it though. The economist Thomas DiLorenzo basically claims that Washington signed the statute creating the bank as one of his first acts as President in return for Congress increasing the value of Washington's swamp land by building the District of Columbia inside it.