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held by honest and educated men of property who protect everyone's rights.

honesty & education of property who would protect everyones rights

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rich people

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Q: Who did the federalist think should hold public office?
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Which of the following leaders was a prominent federalist?

There were 2 Federalist parties. The first Federalists were people at the Constitutional Convention who supported ratification. You could say the main leaders of that party were James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, who wrote the majority of the Federalist Papers, which were created to get the Constitution ratified in New York, and also Virginia. The second Federalist party actually was a political party. It was created in support of Alexander Hamilton, who George Washington appointed Secretary of the Treasury, and his economic policies (Report on the Public Credit, Report on the National Bank, and Report on Manufactures). Later the Federalists adopted more policies other than the economic ones. They had 3 main leaders: 1. Alexander Hamilton, who created the party because of his economic policies. The Federalists never nominated him for president, because to do so meant taking advantage of a constitutional loophole that would have infuriated Republicans (Hamilton was not from the colonies, but the West Indies). He, however, wouldn't have wanted it, and he would have made a terrible president. And he knew it. Even so, he controlled things from the sidelines and quietly sabotaged the people who he didn't think were fit for presidency, namely John Adams. When he died in 1804, the Federalist party slowly started to decline because its most ardent supporter, from every turn, was dead. 2. John Adams, the only Federalist president. He led the moderate faction of the party, distancing himself from the more ardent supporters and angling himself as a more moderate Federalist, certainly not "dangerous" or an "intriguer", which is what people thought Hamilton to be. In leading the moderate faction (and his mutual hatred with Hamilton), the Federalist party began to split. It didn't help that Hamilton, who despised John Adams as much as Adams despised him, wrote a 54 page essay in the election of 1800 denouncing Adams, who was from his own party. 3. John Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for 34 years. After John Adams' leave from public office and Alexander Hamilton's untimely death, he became the sole Federalist in public office, and when he ruled in Supreme Court rulings, a lot of his ideas were drawn from the policies of the Federalist party.

Was George Washington a federalist or an anti-fed?

Thomas Jefferson was an anti-federalist. He was a democratic republican therefore he couldn't be a federalist.

Who does a person contact if they think they have an old copy of the Declaration of Independence?

Contact your Public Library, and see if they can direct you to a historian. Me! If it turns out to be real we should talk. how can i tell if its real

How did the first party system begin?

It began from the first moment that the constitution was written. There were two groups of thinking about how government should be run. The Federalist and Anti-federalist. The federalist thinking was that a strong central government was needed to be able to be successful and the anti-federalist thought a weaker federal government was important. Of course, over time these groups became the political parties. George Washington thought political parties were bad and discouraged them while he was president, but when you have groups of people there will always be division on thinking. Thomas Jefferson once remarked that with 2 people you have a law firm and 3 make a political party. I think he is right.

How is a strong government linked to public works?

It is linked to public works because public works are the works of building such as roads and schools, so a strong government will help the public works do what has to be done. (I don't know if this is correct but that is what I think it is.)

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What is the idea of a public option?

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Why did some people think Jefferson was a federalist in disguise?

Jefferson was a anti-federealist but when he became president he was acting like Alexander hamiltion...which i think he was a federalist

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Do you think any of public order should be legalized?

Public order should not be legalized because it can be dangerous to people and property. Public order refers to crimes that disturb how a society runs.

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Which federalist paper discused checks and balances?

i think its 51

Was john langdon a federalist or anti federalist?

No I don't think so. Not sure but according to a girl in my class who was researching him, he is a Federalist because he supports my person (edmund pendleton). don't hold me to it though!

Does port pirie have an RSPCA?

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Should school uniform be abolished?

No, there is always a place for private schools, but some people think that public education should be. We need public education.

What should schools provide for young people?

In my opinion, public schools should offer every student a well rounded education that teaches them how to think, not what to think.