Who discovered the orient?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Marco Polo discovered the orient

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Q: Who discovered the orient?
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Did Marco Pollo discover anything?

He discovered the Orient. EDIT: No, he did not. His claim to fame was seeing more of the Orient than any other European.

Who is the killer in the book the murder on the orient express?

Hercule Poirot: a retired Belgian police officer & current private detective in England Monsieur Bouc: former member of the Belgian police force & current director of the railway line Dr. Constantine: the coroner aboard the Orient Express Mary Debenham: Daisy Armstrong's governess & instrumental in planning Ratchett's death Mrs. Hubbard: Linda Arden, famous actress & Daisy Armstrong's grandmother Colonel Arbuthnot: a close friend of Colonel Armstrong, Daisy's father Princess Dragomiroff: a Russian princess & Sophie Armstrong's godmother Hector McQueen: Ratchett's personal secretary & friend of Sophie Armstrong Mr. Ratchett: Mr. Cassetti, who kidnapped & murdered Daisy Armstrong for money Countess Andrenyi: Sophie Armstrong's younger sister Count Andrenyi: the Countess' husband & Sophie's brother-in-law Cyrus Hardman: a private detective from New York; in love with Daisy's French nurse, who committed suicide Antonio Foscanelli: the Armstrong family's chauffer Greta Ohlsson: Swedish; Daisy's nurse; cries a lot Hildegarde Schmidt: the Princess' maid & the Armstrong's cook Edward Henry Masterman: Ratchett's valet; recruited by Hardman to help with the murder plot Pierre Michel: the train's conductor & the French nurse's father

What Italian explorer offered proof the Columbus had in fact discovered a new world and not a new route to the Orient?

Amerigo Vespucci

Is Bangladesh is a orient?

its not in the Orient

What is the adjective from of Orient?

The adjective from of Orient is oriental.

What was Jacques Cartier looking for in his explorations?

Like most explorers that landed on north America he discovered it by accident. He was going to find a route to the orient. but after discovering Newfoundland he stumbled upon the St. Lawrence and thought it was the way to the orient in which he was searching for but then found out that it just led to the great lakes.

When was Orient Hospital created?

Orient Hospital was created in 1947.

When was Voyage to the Orient created?

Voyage to the Orient was created in 1851.

When did Air Orient end?

Air Orient ended in 1933.

When was Air Orient created?

Air Orient was created in 1929.

When was Orient House created?

Orient House was created in 1897.

When was This Orient created?

This Orient was created on 2010-05-03.