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What is United States money?

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Q: Who do the US own the money to?
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Is it illegal to own foreign money in the US?


How much money does us own?

U.S.A owns 14,0000,000000,000

Do Canada and the US share money?

No, each has their own currency.

How much money is 99.00?

There is no way to tell because every country has their own money. You'd have to tell us 99.00 WHAT and tell us what other money you want to convert that to.

What percentage of US citizens own a stock?

Almost half, 47%, of US citizens own a stock in the stock market. 53% have no money invested in stocks.

How much money does the US own?

It owns about 3.6 billion us dolllarsand they end up not getting nothing

Is it legal to own a store in the us if you are 13?

technically yes if you have the money time and supplies

Why was confederate money made in the US?

Confederate money was made in the Confederate States of America---not the US. The southern states seceded from the Union and formed their own country. Every country produces their own currency so people can buy and sale in the market.

Can you buy a house for your son if you already own one?

You can if you have the money to buy it with. In the US you can own as many houses as you like. Of course if you do not pay the taxes on them, you will not own them for long.

Can you purchase in Australia with US dollars?

Why not You can change them at the airport when you get here.

Why should a teen have a job?

In order for us to learn responsibility we must handle and earn our own money.

Is it better for the environment to grow your own vegetables or to buy them from the supermarket?

yes we should grow our own vegetables because it will save us money and we can be sure there are no chemicals in them.