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The women mostly tend to vote for the democrats rather than voting for the republicans.

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Q: Who do women tend to vote for?
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What are the different voting patterns between men and women?

Research has shown that women tend to vote at higher rates than men in most democratic countries. Women also tend to be more likely to support social welfare programs and policies, while men may be more inclined to support security and defense policies. Additionally, women are more likely to vote for candidates who prioritize issues such as healthcare, education, and social equality.

Cuban Americans tend to vote for?

Americans tend to vote for

Who votes the most among racial and ethnic groups?

The racial group that tends to vote the most often includes African American groups and Caucasian groups. Women tend to vote as much as men. Asian people and Hispanic people tend to vote the least.

Why did some people oppose women's right to vote?

Women were considered too emotional to make good decisions in politics, which is absurd. However, women do tend to vote more for liberals than men do, electing such leaders as Bill Clinton, and Obama.

Can women vote in Namibia?

Yes namibia women can vote but htey have to be a certain age. But not all nambia women can vote>>>>><<<<< Yes namibia women can vote but htey have to be a certain age. But not all nambia women can vote>>>>><<<<<

What party do Catholic voters tend to vote for?

It all depends. Usually, the Bishops will encourage Catholics to vote for pro-life. However, there are the liberal Catholics who tend to vote Democratic. Yet, overall, Catholics tend to vote Republican.

What is the significance of the 19 amendment?

It gave American women the right to vote in elections.

What does letting women vote mean?

Letting women vote (also known as women's suffrage) means that women have the right to vote in public elections.

Were Spartan women able to vote?

Yes they were allowed to vote the atheain women were not allowed to vote.

What did the women's did to have the right to vote?

women had the right to vote in the 1920. the law of women being able to vote is the 19th amendment in the constitution.

Were women aloud to vote in 1948?

no women werent aloud to vote

When did women get the right to vote in Iran?

women in Iran got the pref ledge to vote in1963