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Sir Bendover.

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Q: Who does Washington recruit to change the tide of the war?
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In what year did the tide of the war change to favor the british?

1758 is the year that the tide of the war change to favor the British.

How did the events at Vicksburg change the tide of the war?

i don't know any of this please help me!

How did george washington policy toward enslaved blacks change during the war?

It didn't change. Washington was dead long before the Civil War so he had no knowledge of the war.

How did Washington lead retreat into victory in New Jersey?

George Washington's use of strategic retreat in the Revolutionary War guaranteed the survival of the Continental Army. By retreating after the Battle of Long Island, Washington was able to recruit more soldiers, raise morale and plan an attack.

What did George Washington want to see change?

I think War And Slavery

How did the us manpower change the tide of world war 2?

It was not only US manpower, but US womenpower that helped turn the tide of war. Men went overseas to fight. Others stayed behind and worked on farms or in war factories. To fill the need for workers, women entered the workforce in large numbers. American production of war goods was able to outproduce the other nations, turning the tide in the Allies favor.

How did the tide of the war turn following the Nazi invasion of Russian and the U.S. entry into battle?

the tide of war went against the Germans

What battle turned the tide of war?

my wang

What event reversed the tide of the French and Indian War in the favor of Great Britain?

Which event reversed the tide of the French and Indian War in favor of Great Britain?

How did the British army recruit sodiers in World War I?

Propaganda mostly.

What countries did the UK recruit during World War 1?


Did Steve Spurrier recruit Cam Newton?

No silly. War Eagle.