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Latin America is not a single country.

Each will have a different process for the election of officials.

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Q: Who elected the heads of the government for latin America?
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What kind of government does Latin America have?

Latin America is a region and does not have a government. The individual countries that are in Latin America have democracies for the most part.

Who is the king of Colombia?

Colombia is a country, and it was one of the first in Latin/Soulth America that had a democratically elected government. The current president is Álvaro Uribe Vélez

Which country in Latin America has a unitary government?

Cuba does

What type of government do most of the countries in Latin America have?


Who were the caudillos and what type of government did the set up for the new countries of Latin America?

They set up Republics all over Latin America.

Why did the US support the overthrow of an elected Guatemala president?

The U.S. feared communism was spreading to Latin America.

What generalization about south America government is valid?

Latin America is a region of racial and cultural diversity.

What type of government do most countries in Latin America have today?

Regular Government like the USA

What type of government does Latin America use?

Latin America is a cultural region that spans Mexico, most of Central America, the Caribbean and South America. As such, there are several countries within the region, having different types of government. The most common is the representative republic.

What is used by the government of Latin America to spread family wealth?

To answer this you have to be a socialist.

What caused the government's in Latin America to be less Stable?

Underdeveloped Infrastructure (apex;)

What type of government does most of Latin America have?

Most of them are republics. Some are federal republics, some are centralized republics; there is one communist regime in Latin America (Cuba).