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Niccolo Machiavelli argued for maintaining the balance of power by any means necessary, even force. Machiavelli was an Italian philosopher.

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Q: Who encouraged maintaining the balance of power by any means necessary even force?
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The Force Bill of 1833 provided that?

The Force Bill of 1833 empowered President Andrew Jackson to use the army and navy, if necessary, to enforce the acts of congress. The Force Bill of 1833 specifically enforced the tariff measures South Carolina objected.

What did the roman army do in peacetime?

Roman army was a set of land-based military force which was employed by the Roman Empire, as part of the Roman military. Roman Army was made up of around 179,200 men. They were mostly at war. However, in times of peace, they continued with daily trainings for maintaining their fitness. They would practice running, fencing, javelin throwing, military drill practice etc. They were also involved in Weapon practicing. Apart from the necessary military trainings, they also practiced swimming, horse riding etc. They were also involved in labor work when required.

Why did many politicians consider the period of reconstruction necessary after the civil war?

Even though Lincoln favored a reunion with "malice toward none," the so-called Radical Republicans felt that, One, the South needed to be punished and, Two, force was necessary to insure that the former Confederate states would comply with the new legal rights and freedoms granted to former slaves. Some who would have followed in Lincoln's footsteps changed as a result of his assassination.

What is an occupying force?

an occupying force is a force that occupies something. forces that are occupied by this something are called occupied forces.

Can a state force the federal government to lesve?

You cannot force the U.S. government to leave in the U.S. government. But if the state has a big enough army, with force, it could overtake by force the the U.S. government.

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Did Niccolo Machiavelli encouraged maintaining the balance of power by any means necessary even force?

Yes, Niccolò Machiavelli believed in maintaining political stability through the careful use of force and deception. He argued that a ruler should do whatever is necessary to maintain power and protect the state, including the use of force when required to achieve political goals.

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