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Though other peoples have attempted to make the 7 day week into a shorter or longer period, these attempts never really worked.

The account of Creation/re-creation in the first 2 chapters of Genesis, clearly states that it was God who gave us the week. Six days of work and the 7th day was for rest and reflection upon God and His wonderous works.

A day can be measured by the Earth completing a rotation on its axis; the month by the moons completing its cycle around the Earth; and the year with the Earth completing one full revolution around the Sun.

There have been 'theories' for the week such as the 'Divided Lunar Cycle Theory' or the 'Visible Celestial Body Theory' one may Google and read about. There is even an attempt to give credit to the invention of the week to Ancient Israel. But all of these inevitably fail.

Science is proving the week, month and annual cycles of our bodies operate on a 'circadian' (daily) rhythms, but chronobiologist have only recently discovered a 7-day pattern seemingly written into the Biology of people, animals and plants (The Secrets Our Body Clocks Reveal, by Susan Perry and Jim Dawson). Things like blood pressure cycles, coping hormone cycles, immune responses to infections, production of blood and urine chemicals, and even our heartbeats operate on a 7-day pattern.

The week is oblivious to seasons, tides, orbits and all other aspects of nature. There is no astronomical reason for the week as nothing in the cosmos happens in 7-days - no recurring cycle of stars, moon, planets, sun or anything else. Science has also proven that the 7-day cycle is etched into mankind's DNA so this could not of been an invention of man.

The 7-day week was created by God and its existence provides evidence that He is the Creator of the universe. The 7-day week is precisely patterned after God's 'master plan' to bring men and women into His Family.

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There were seven celestial objects known to the ancients (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn). Because they were important to the mythology of many early societies for similar reasons, 7 came to be a commonly-used number in tracking the days: * the Jews use of the seven-day week is the oldest actually recorded, notably in the creation story of Genesis; * the Sumerians/Babylonians marked every 7th day after the new moon as evil and so had three weeks of 7 and one of 9 or 10; * the Romans initially had an 8-day week, but converted to 7 after the introduction of the Julian calendar. Many other cultures around the world also intriduced seven-day weeks at various points as they either developed independently or came into contact with the Roman/Christian Empire.

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God Wrong,probably a Pope on his or her behalf.

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Q: Who established the 7 day week?
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