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The voters exercise the franchise.

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To exercise ones franchise means to vote.

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Q: Who exercises the franchise?
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Who controls a franchise?

By control I will assume you mean who runs a Franchise. The Franchise owner controls the franchise. The Franchise owner is controlled by the Franchise Contract.

Is McDonald's a franchise or a chain store?

its a franchise

What is the plural word for franchise?

The plural of franchise can be either franchise or franchises.

What are some things to do in Iraq?

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How do you franchise with luby's?

Can you franchise lubys

How do you get franchise in karnataka?

How to get Franchise in Karnataka.

What is the plural word of franchise?


Where can one find good franchise information online?

One can find plenty of franchise information on the websites of the International Franchise Association, Franchise Direct, World Franchising and Franchise Information Services.

How much money does it cost for an internet franchise?

The amount of money needed to run an internet franchise varies from franchise to franchise. But the average price range for an internet franchise is between $10,000 to $100,000.

How do you write the franchise in German?

The same. Franchise.

How do you franchise a business?

a franchise is a chain of businesses linked togethter there can be a 1-20 owners of a franchise.

Who do the Canadian Franchise group help?

The Canadian Franchise group is a Canadian Franchise organization that specializes in helping individuals locate franchise opportunities and also assisting current franchise owners with their business operations.