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Colonel Isaac Barre, reference the Stamp Act of 1765

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Q: Who first referred to Americans as Sons of Liberty?
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When did Sons of Liberty form?

The phrase of "sons of liberty" is often referred to as the patriots of the American Revolutionary War.

What was Americans reaction to the sons of liberty?

The americans were in the group and were the ones intimidating the British.

What political party represented Americans and challenged british control?

sons of liberty

What was the name of the first colonist to speak against the stamp act?

Sons of Liberty and Daughters of Liberty

What did Thomas Jefferson do in the sons of liberty?

Thomas Jefferson didn't do anything for the Sons of Liberty. Samuel Adams was the leader of Sons of liberty

What British law did the Sons of Liberty first protest?

the Stamp Act

What year did the Samuel Adams help start the Sons of Liberty?

The sons of liberty first started because of the Stamp Act and because of the historical process that the men and boys of the committee ran.

What was the sons of liberty about and who started it?

The Sons of Liberty were men making secret meetings against the British. They had a secret tree also known as the liberty tree. I do not know who started the sons of liberty. The sons of liberty also dumped tea into the British harbor.

Secret organizations opposed to the stamp tax?

Sons Of Liberty

What did the sons of liberty form?

The Sons of Liberty were responsible for the Boston Tea Party.

What was the name of the group that protested against laws like the stamp act?

That was pretty much the Sons of Liberty group.

Who Which british law did the sons of liberty first protest?

Tea Act