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Some people say it was E.D. Peirce but it was Wilbur Bassett

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Q: Who found the first gold in Idaho?
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What did Idaho first produce out of diamonds silver or gold?


Who founded the first gold?

Our ancient ancestors found gold first and as there are no records going back that far we do not know who first found gold.

Why was Idaho found?

The state of Idaho was found in 1890.

What state was the first to have gold in Australia?

Gold was first found in New South Wales. Unofficially, traces were first found in the Fish River in the 1830s; officially, gold was first found at Ophir in 1851.

Which country was gold first found in?

Gold was found by our ancient ancestors in many locations, but as man came out of Africa one could surmise that African gold was the first gold to be found by man.

Who founded the state of Idaho?

Mormons found Franklin, which was the first permanent settlement, in 1860.

What does Idaho mean in Indian language?

From National Geographic-Idaho Settlers believed Idaho was Shoshone for "gem of the mountains." A politician proposed it as the name for what is now Colorado after gold was found there. That didn't fly. But a neighboring territory went for "Idaho"-actually from the Kiowa-Apache ídaahę´, or enemy.

Where to find gem stones in northern Idaho?

Idaho is known as the 'GEM' state because nearly every known gem stone has been found in the state of Idaho. In addition, there are only two places in the world where 'STAR GARNETS' are found, Idaho is one and the other is in the Himalayan Mountains of India. Idaho is the only place where 'SIX Sided Garnets' have been found.

Who was the first person that found gold that start with an a?

Aurum is gold in latin.

When was gold first found?

There is evidence for gold as far as about 3100 B.C.

When was the first gold found in the west?


What are Idaho's natural recourses?

Gold and Silver