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A charter is most often granted by a state

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Q: Who grants a charter to most city governments?
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Who grants a charter to most city?

A charter is most often granted by a state

What city in Spain does a charter flight?

Most major cities in Spain with major airports have companies that have charter services. The most likely city would be Madrid.

Which local governments is most affected by politics?

The answer is NOT city ;)

What do local governments derive their power from?

The local governments usually derive power from the constitution on which they are established. Most orderly societies have a rule of law which the people in the particular society subscribe to.

Applications for jobs in the city?

Check with the Human Resources section on the website of most city governments.

How are most city governments organized?

The government organized by some people can have a say

What type of taxes do city and county governments most rely on?

property taxes

Who grants the authorization to operate cable TV system?

In most cases, the town or city you live in grants a franchise or "rights to service your area" to one cable TV company.

What are the most available government grants for homes?

The most common grants available today for homes are Mortgage Relief grants as well as home improvement grants. Anyone is able to apply for such grants pending proof of eligibility requirements.

When does charter schools start in new york?

I'm a pre-kindergarten teacher in New York City. Most of my children's parents have informed me that their child will be starting charter school on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012.

Where can one locate private jets for charter?

Charter jets can be found wherever there is an airport with a runway to accommodate them. Sine most charter services are not nationwide operations, the best way to locate a charter flight is possibly to look in the phone directory for the city you wish to fly out of. Other methods would include contacting the airport to determine what charter services operate out of their facility and searching in local online directories for charter services in operation in that location.

What is the title of the top executive of most city governments referred to as?

The Mayor. If you're refferring to city agencies, it probably varies by state. In New York, we have Commissioners.