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When boarding Titanic, the First-Class passengers were likely greeted by Purser Hugh McElroy.

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the third class passengers were greeted by a doctor to check and see if the immigrants were sick

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A doctor to check to see if the immigrants were sick.

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Q: Who greeted 1st class passengers when they arrived on the ship?
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How many of the ship's crew were there that helped the Pilgrims?

There were about 150 people in all on the Mayflower. The passengers counted 102. They landed on what is now Cape Cod in the winter, so passengers and crew lived on the ship until spring. The Mayflower left the Pilgrims for a voyage home in April of 1621.

What event happened where 770 adults and 49 children died of a total of 1323 passengers?

The event that happened where 770 adults and 49 children died of a total of 1323 passengers was the sinking of the ship known as the Titanic. This was the largest passenger ship and it sank on 14 to 15 April, 1912.?æ

Were there any problems on the Mayflower?

Yes, there were several problems on the Mayflower. The ship was overcrowded with around 102 passengers, leading to unsanitary conditions and limited space. There were also storms that damaged the ship, causing leaks and making the journey more difficult. Additionally, there was tension and disagreement among the passengers, which resulted in the formulation of the Mayflower Compact to establish order and unity.

When did passengers on the ship mayflower sign a compact agreement to form a government?

I believe it was before they got off the ship so they had it once they hit land because Jamestown had established no rules and fell apart so they wrote the document so that they could refer to it in later conflict.

What was the main reason the titanic death toll was so high?

There were 3 economic levels on the Titanic. The very top of the ship were cabins and a deck only for wealthy passengers. People like Rockefeller were on the upper deck. The center deck was for people of more modest means, and they didn't mix with the upper deck passengers. At the lowest level of the ship was steerage. This was below the waterline and it was for poor people and immigrants. They were locked in and couldn't leave steerage. When the ship hit the iceberg and began to take on water the people in steerage couldn't escape because the doors that would allow them to the other decks was locked. They died and were the majority of the deaths. That is why the death toll was so high.

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Did the titanic really have gates to keep 3rd class passengers from going to the boak decks?

Yes. It was why just before the ship sank a large number of third class passengers arrived on the boat deck.

If 7000 passengers arrived on 8 ships.if each ship carried an equal number of passengershow many passengers were on each ship?

Number of passengers on each ship: 7000/8 = 875 passengers

What did thrid class passengers need to get on titanic?

Third class passengers needed to get check out by a doctor before boarding the famous ship!

Where did the titanic go before queenstown Ireland?

Titanic's first stop is Cherbourg, France, 67 miles(108 km) across the English Channel. They arrived an hour late at 6:30 pm because of a near collision with another ship. There they picked up 142 first class passengers 30 Second-class passengers 102 third class passengers

Did third class passengers get locked down in the bottom of the ship?


What was the name of the ship that came after the Mayflower?

The ship that landed after the Mayflower was the Fortune. The Fortune arrived in November 1621 and only carried 37 passengers.

How long were the third class passengers trapped in the Titanic?

178 out of 706 third-class passengers survived

Where there more 1rst class 2nd class or 3rd class passengers in the lifeboats of the Titanic?

first class because they were at the top of the ship

What was the capacity of the Titanic ship?

Passengers and crew (fully loaded):3547Staterooms (840 total):First Class: 416Second Class: 162Third Class: 262Plus 40 open berthing areas

Why were tickets to the titanic so expensive?

Titanic, the grandest ship in the world, was quite affordable to third-class passengers but was extremely expensive to first-class passengers who sailed with the philosophy to "get what you pay for".

Why were third class passengers called steerage?

Because that is the area of the ship their living quarters were located.

What did 3rd class passengers eat on the titanic?

Ship's biscuits. Hard tack. Wevils. Dust.