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The 104th Congress was made up of Republicans with 52 seats to the 48 seats of Democrats. This is according to the link below

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Q: Who had the majority in congress 1995?
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Which party has had majority in congress since Ronald Reagan was president?

The 97th Congress (1981-1983) saw a relatively thin Republican majority in the Senate (53-46, so not enough for the 60% override) and a Democrat majority in the House. In the Senate, Republicans held the majority until 1987. From 1987-1995, the Democrats held control. Republicans regained the majority in 1995, which they held until 2001. The 107th Congress (2001-2003) saw a tie, with the Senate split 50-50. Republicans regaind a majority for the 108th and 109th Congresses (2003-2007), and then the Democrats had the majority in the 110th and will have it in the 111th. In the House, Democrats had the majority through both Reagan and Bush, Sr.'s Presidencies, until the Republicans gained the majority (in both the House and Senate) in 1995 (election of 1994). The Republicans ruled the Senate from 1995-2007. Now, the Democrats havea majority, and the recent election will see their majority through at least until January 2011.

What was true president Johnson upon inauguration after the 1964 election?

He had a large majority of Democrats in Congress -apex

In 1999 which party had majority in each house in Congress?

Republican in both houses. Trent Lott was majority leader in Congress and Republicans had 55-45 majority in Senate.

What does the US Congress think about same-sex marriage?

As of 2013, the majority of Democrats in Congress support marriage equality. The majority of Republicans oppose it.

What is the flow of legislative work in congress controlled by?

Majority party

Who has the majority in the 111Th congress?

The 111th Congress, which served from January 2009 to January 2011, had a Democratic majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Majority party in Congress for 2010?


What is the occupation of the majority of members of congress and why?


Congress had a majority from 1994 until 2006?

From 1994 until 2006, the Republican Party held a majority in both Houses of Congress. In 2006, that changed when the Democrats took the majority in both Houses.

In 2004 which party had the majority in Congress the Republicans or the Democrats?

Republicans had majority in 2004 but in 2006 Democrats became the majority

What are powers the president has to get congress to do what he wants?

This all depends on the Congress and the President. If the president's party has the majority in Congress, he generally works with the majority leaders to get his agenda through Congress. If the president's party is the minority party in Congress, he uses two tools: obstructionism from the minority leadership (the filibuster, and loading up bills with things the majority hates in an attempt to get them tabled), and the veto.

The standing committees of each house are controlled by who?

The majority party controls the standing committees in each house of congress. The U.S. Congress includes the United States House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate.