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In South American history, "El Libertador", or "The Liberator" was Bernard O'Higgins, one of Chile's founding fathers who helped free Chile from Spanish rule in the early 1800's.

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Tsar Alexander II is often called The Liberator for abolishing serfdom in Russia and liberating Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire.

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Daniel O'Connell

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Q: Who had the nickname The Liberator?
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What was Simon Bolivar's nickname?

Simon Bolivar was known as "The Liberator" for freeing six South American countries from Spanish rule.

What was the nickname for William Lloyd Garrison?

the liberator

Who is the libereator?

You probably mean "WHAT is the liberator". "The Liberator" is a nickname for B-24 bomber of World War 2.

What was SimΓ³n BolΓ­var's nickname?

El Libertador: The Liberator .

What was Alexander 1 nickname name?

Tsar Alexander II went by The Liberator.

Who is known as the liberator of south America and what did he do to earn that nickname?

Simon de Bolivar is the name of the liberator and he fought spain for the independence of what is now known as the Bolivarian republics.

What was Simon boliuar's nickname?

Simon Bolivar's nickname was "The Liberator." He earned this nickname for his role in leading the independence movements in Latin America against Spanish colonial rule.

What is Jose De San Martin's Nickname?

It was called "El Libertador" (The liberator), by both Argentinians and Peruvians, after his military campaign along South America

What was William Lloyd Garrison's greatest contribution to the cause of abolition?

His publication of the newspaper the liberator

What was the name of the abolitionist newspaper that William Lloyd Garrison started?

William Lloyd Garrison's anti-slavery newspaper was called The Liberator.

What was the name of the Irish liberator?

the irish liberator was Daniel O'Connell

When was The Liberator - book - created?

The Liberator - book - was created in 2006.