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It is the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee that has power over all federal spending. The United States House Committee on Appropriations was created in 1865. As of 2014, the Chairman is Hal Rogers.

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Congress has power over all federal spending, specifically the Appropriations Committee. The United States House of Representatives has 435 voting membersand 6 non-voting members.

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The House

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Q: Who has power over all federal spending?
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Power over all federal spending?

The Chairman of the Appropriations Committee has power over all federal spending. The Senate Appropriations Committee is the largest committee in the U.S. Senate.

Who has the seniority system that allowed them to become the chairman over the House committee that has power over all federal spending?

House Appropriations Committee

What is a definition spending power tourist?

If you have money to spend after paying taxes and all expenses, you have spending power according to the amount of money you have left over. A tourist with spending power has money to spend after all travel expenses are paid or accounted for.

What power does the house of rep have over senate?

The house of representatives has the same power over the senate that it has over all facets of federal government: the power to impeach.

In what ways has the government grown since the great depression?

Government spending at all levels-federal, state, and local-has increased significantly over the years.

Why is it difficult for the federal government to increase or decrease spending?

Because two thirds of all government spending is on entitlements which the government connot easily alter. (by Solomon Zelman)

Statement least characterizes sectionalism in the US in 1816?

All the sections opposed spending money from the Federal Government for internal improvements in the States.

Where do federal courts have juridiction?

If you mean jurisdiction it is over every court system under them. For example The U.S. Supreme court has power over all of the state courts.

What are the top subcontracted job for the federal government?

Defense contracts; development of military weapons, tops the list of all government spending (on all levels).

Why Does Not Every Federal Agency Have Small Business Contracting Objectives?

All the 24 Chief Financial Officer Agencies have small business objectives; these agencies constitute 99% of Federal spending.

What caused the Federal Spending through 1928-1939 to increase?

The primary thing that caused federal spending in the United States to increase from 1928 through 1939 was a desire to get out of the Great Depression. Because many Americans had lost all their money, it was imperative that the government help restore the economy.

which statements describe a major advantage of a federal system of government over a unitary system?

it prevents a single national government from holding all of country's power.