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In the US, it is the Senate.

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Q: Who has the power to act as the jury in all impeachment hearings?
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After impeachment who has the power to remove president from office?

The House of Representatives act as the grand jury charging him or her with impeachment and the Senate is then the jury.

The senate has special jobs only the senator can do?

Approve and reject what the president reccomends,Act as a jury in impeachment trial

The power of impeachment is vested in the?

The power of impeachment is vested in the United States Congress. The House of Representatives is the only body that can bring impeachment charges against an official. Only the Senate can act as a court for an impeachment.

Does The House holds exclusive power to bring impeachment charges?

Yes, the House does hold exclusive power to bring about impeachment charges. The Senate in turn has the power to act as the court in these matters.

The act of charging a public official with misconduct is called what?


What role do senators have in impeachment?

The role that the senate has in the impeachment process is sole power to try-to judge, sit as a court-in impeachment cases.

What is the act of impeachment?

The act of impeachment is a presidential one. Impeaching a president would resolve in the removal of the president by means of a congressional vote.

What acts as the judge and jury?

Not surprisingly, a Judge and Jury act as judge and jury.

What is the act of putting a government official on trial?


Which act requires federal judges to consider victim-impact statements at federal sentencing hearings?

Victim and Witness Protection Act

Who can impeach aldermen?

The mayor and board of alderman act as a hearing board, they do the impeachment

What was directly linked to the impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson?

Tenure of Office Act.