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The states have the power to regulate gambling.

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Q: Who has the power to regulate gambling?
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Can the gambling industry regulate itself?

It probably can, but it's doubtful it will.

What are Expressed congressional power to regulate commerce implies?

The power to tax and regulate alcohol is an implied power.

What power makes it possible congress to regulate food and drugs?

The power to regulate commerce

What powers were not provided for the under the Articles of the Confederation?

The power to tax, to regulate interstate commerce, and to regulate foreign commerce.

What is the government position on gambling?

Governments generally do their best to regulate and limit gambling in order to prevent organized crime. Since running a gambling operation can be extremely lucrative, government does its best to tax money going both directions. Where gambling is not permitted, its potential for addiction is often cited as a reason.

What activities in Florence did the Dominican preacher Savonarola seek to regulate?

Savonarola sought to regulate various activities in Florence that he believed were immoral, such as gambling, sodomy, prostitution, and usury. He also imposed strict censorship on books, art, and culture that he deemed corrupting or sacrilegious.

The power to regulate intrastate commerce is an example of a power?

It is a reserved power.

What can congress do through it's commerce power?

regulate foreign trade

What effect did the sanctity of contracts have on state governments?

It limited the power of states to regulate businesses

Where does Congress get its power to regulate naturalization?

through its exclusive power

What power enables congress to regulate work conditions across the nation?

to regulate commerce

What powers make it possible for congress to regulate food and drugs?

The power to regulate commerce.