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the people of U.S

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Q: Who has the power to remove someone from office in the congress senate house of representatives etc?
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What can people do to get rid of senators or representatives of congress?

They can use a recall which is a way for citizens to remove politicians from office.

Who Has power to remove president from office for misconduct?

The impeachment process begins with a bill in the House of Representatives and concludes with a trial in the Senate.

Does congress has the power to remove a president from office?


Which government body votes to remove a person from office?

The House of Representatives or the Legislative Body.

What can congress do to check a president's actions?

The House of Representatives can impeach a president with a majority and the Senate can remove a president from office with 2/3s of the vote. If actions are unclear or just suspected, they can launch an investigation to get the full details.

Can the president remove a congressman from office for high crimes?

Certainly not! Only the Congress can do that.

How can congress be removed from office?

In order to remove someone from congress, you would have to rely on a process which is called impeachment or a "motion of no confidence". Usually when someone in a congress seat or individual office such as a mayor or governor has been removed, it has been through the individual renouncing his position. As far as presidential goes only 2 presidents has gone through the process. Andrew Johnson in 1867 and Bill Clinton in 1999. Both Process did not remove any of those. as far as to remove the whole congress from office at once, only a military coupe can do that. A citizen could also bring that congressperson to court but it not a very usual method.

What is the process by which congress may remove a member of the executive or judicial branch from office?

The legislative branch may remove a member of the executive or judicial branch from office through a process known as impeachment. The actual impeachment is the first step in the process, when the charges are being leveled against the accused official. If convicted on those charges, the official can then be removed from office.

What power was Congress given in the event that a president abused power while in office?

In order to remove presidents that abused their power, Congress was given the power of impeachment. The House of Representatives votes to impeach a president. Once the vote has passed, the president is tried by the Senate. If the president is found guilty by the Senate, he or she is removed from office. Presidents can be impeached for committing treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, or accepting bribes.

After impeachment who has the power to remove president from office?

The House of Representatives act as the grand jury charging him or her with impeachment and the Senate is then the jury.

Which body of government has the power to remove the president?

The US Congress has this power. The House of Representatives starts the impeachment proceedings but the Senate has the final vote.

Does the president have the power to remove a congress member?

The Senate can remove Federal officials from office. The Senate is responsible for initiating an impeachment of a President of the United States. The Senate can also vote to have a member of the Senate removed for misconduct.