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Washington agreed to called Mr. President at the request of The House of Representatives .

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Q: Who initiated the tradition of addressing the president as mr president?
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Is president captitalized?

president is only capitalized if you use it whilst addressing someone, such as President Obama, or Mr. President. If you use it in reference however, it is not, such as the president, our president, etc.

What is the proper salutation used in addressing the president?

I believe in a report you should say for an example the president Mr. Barack Obama.

Has media referred to President Obama as Mr more than it has with those who previously served as president?

The answer to that is no. NPR (National Public Radio) recently gave an explanation to that. When addressing the President, the reporter will initially say Mr. President or President Obama. Then afterwards his name will be used (Barack Obama).

What is the US Senate's way of addressing its presiding officer?

That person is President of the Senate and is addressed as Mr./Madam President when addressed in that capacity. This person is also the Vice President of the United States. The President of the Senate has no vote except to break a tie.

What is the proper salutation when addressing the former vice president of the us?

Correct salutation/closing (actual letter)Dear Mr./Madam President:Respectfully,Correct way to address the envelope:The PresidentThe White House1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NWWashington, DC 20500

What is the name for a bill initiated by citizens?

mr mares class

Which is correct when addressing a letter to an attorney Mr. Smith Esq. or Mr. Smith attorney at law?

When addressing a letter to an attorney, it is more appropriate to use "Mr. Smith, Esq." The abbreviation "Esq." signifies that the individual is an attorney.

Do the do-gooders know scrooge?

Not on their first meeting as they asked " are we addressing Mr Marley or Mr Scrooge"

Do you write dear mr president or dear President Obama?

Mr. President

Is it proper protocol for the media to call President Obama Mr. Obama and not President Obama?

Using the title of President instead of Mr. is a sign of respect for the office of the Presidency of the United States and should be used when addressing or speaking of the President. At times, however, it would be appropriate to call him "Mr. President". All citizens should honor the office of President and give due respect. You do not have to agree with someone to show them the respect of their position. If someone is the President of the United States and especially if you are a citizen of the United States, then it follows that you should show respect and address him as President, for example: President Obama - not Mr. Obama.

When addressing an envelope is it Mr Carl and Mrs Carol Jones?

It can be but Mr. and Mrs. Jones or Mr. and Mrs Carl Jones are equally acceptable.

What is the proper title for addressing two males?

Dear Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones or Dear Sirs as an example