Who invented goths?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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bob whoz bob???

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Q: Who invented goths?
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Who came along to make the goths miserable?


What was invented in 1776?

Twitter was invented.

Which president invented the word okay?

No presedent invented it. This guy that was "cool" invented it for it standed forOll Korrect.

Why do parents hate goth?

'Why do parents hate goth?' can be a tricky question to answer. An obvious one is because goth is different, goth represents rebellion, some parents assume that Goths are goths because they want to give the world the finger, to show that they are different - that they refuse to be like everyone else. Not only that, some goths as you may know look scary: they have dyed hair, facial piercings, wear big doc martins or large boots, PVC miniskirts or ripped trousers with safety pins, stripey socks and generally look aggressive. Or they may look simply odd, wearing Victorian dress, medieval gowns, or gothic lolita clothing. Parents feel threatened because they look different. And because they look 'dangerous' it backs up the bigoted ideas spread by newspapers such as the Daily Mail that teenagers are the bane of the earth who go around smashing up shops, graffitiing on walls, and attacking old ladies, and now I hate to discriminate because chavs are also a subculture that are discriminated against very unfairly- however this what they are traditionally known to do, whilst Goths are normally shy, quiet people another steryeotype but often a true one - something that parents overlook. The bare facts are that some teenagers are dangerous, others are not, to parents Goths look dangerous, like they want a fight. Parents may also be afraid that if their sweet, pink-cheeked little Melissa who is being sheilded from all the evils of the world like Simpsons episodes and the word 'gay' may become just like these strangely clad hooligans having seen them in the streets. - Many people bleieve that goths are self-harmers, generally depressed, are in santatist cults and sacrifice animals and sometimes people, - these are all lies spread by the daily mail and other right-wing, bigoted newspapers, - it is still understandable that they do not want their daughter to become involved in a life-style that would lead to self-harming. Another important reason is their political beliefs, linking back to what I have said earlier, if they are daily mail readers, and right-wing - so possibly bigoted they will hate goths, however if they are left-wing and scorn the daily mail they will probably be more open-minded and not hate goths. I know this from personal experience, my liberal parents are happy that I am an alternative because it means I can express myself.

Who invented the public library system?

they invented it in medieval times.

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Are there African Goths?

Are you talking about Goths as in people into the Gothic Music scene? Yes there are African Goths, African-American Goths, Japanese Goths. It's just a style of music and a music subculture and people all over the world like it.

What kind of Christianity did the Goths adopt?

The Goths were Arian Christians.

Are emos goths?

No, emos are not goths. They are two different subcultures.

How did Rome keep the Goths from acting them?

the Romans paid the goths not to attack

Who are the visigoth?

The Visigoths were the western branch of the Goths. The Goths were original from Sweden and migrated through eastern Europe all the way to Ukraine. When the Huns invaded their land, some of the Goths asked the Roman emperor to allow them to settle in the lower Danube area of the Roman Empire to escape the Huns. This was granted. The rest of the Goths were conquered by the Huns and became their vassals. The Goths in the Roman Empire then came to be called Visigoths (Goths of the west) because at that point they lived further west than the other Goths. The other Goths came to be called Ostrogoths (Goths of the east).

How did the emperors deal with Goths?

Very carefully. Rome was defeated by the Goths and the city of Rome was sacked by the Visigoths in 410. The Goths in a short time controlled all of Italy. The goths became the concern of the eastern emperors who were wary of them both militarily and religiously, as the Goths were Arian Christians.

Do goths only go out with goths?

Usually but I'm sure there are a few out there who are open-minded about partners as Goths are generally open-minded about everything.

When was Roderick the Last of the Goths created?

Roderick the Last of the Goths was created in 1815.

Do goth people like the dark?

Goth is a very generalised term. In most cases yes. there are goths who dont. Its imposable to say for sure to all goths because there are as many different types of goths as there is goths themselves.

What percent of goths are Capricorns?

It is hard to say exactly how many goths are born as Capricorns. Many people believe that most goths are Capricorns because of their moody nature.

Where do you find goths?

You find goths everywhere because goths are like you and I, they just listen to a certain type of music and dress a certain way. I know goths in corporate management, food service, computer technicians, hair and beauty, music and construction.

Do goth believe in god?

There are alot that do. There are also Jewish Goths, Muslim Goths, Atheist Goths, etc.