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Brothella Quick invented pocketed underwear in 1981

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Q: Who invented pocketed underwear?
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When was underwear invented?

Underwear was invented around the 13th century. It became an important garment. Loin cloths were worn before underwear was invented.

Who invented underwear?

Cave dwellers used loincloth as "underwear" and as we evolved, "underwear" became more complex.

When was the thermal underwear invented?

it was invented in the 1940 by James Morgan

Who invented underwear and why?

Underwear was invented by a French Jew by the name of Jacques E. Schwartz. Or, possibly by three men, names Bradley, Voorhees & Day.

Whose is Brothella Quick?

She invented underwear with pockets.

Who is the inventor of underwear?

No single person invented underwear. Clothing styles and fashions, including the presence or absence of underwear, have varied widely throughout mankind's history.

What rhymes with skyrocketed?


How do you defend yourself against a wedgie?

Once you feel them touch you underwear, run.

How do you wear underwear for five days?

The best way to wear underwear for 5 days is to wash it. Underwear was invented so you can wear your larger, outer clothes for five days, while you only need to wash your small underwear every day or two.

What to do if you pocketed the coin with the queen and striker?

If you pocketed the coin along with the queen and the striker then,it's a foul but the queen is covered and you have to keep a coin along with the coin which you sunk.

Do you wear underwear under a toga?

No of course not! Underwear wasn't invented until the late 1880's and 2000 years ago Greco-Roman togas were used without underwear. Wearing underwear under a toga defeats the purpose of wearing a toga. A toga provides loose coverage and a feeling of freedom. Try wearing a toga with and without underwear and decide which feels better.

In carrom board game if queen is pocketed by opponent's coin then queen is placed in center or not?

If while shooting for the queen you also sink one of your pieces, the queen is automatically covered, no matter which went first. If queen is pocketed, and while covering the queen, opponent's carom is pocketed, then the queen is palced back on the board and the player loses the turn.