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Backscratchers are likely among the earliest "inventions" by humans. For as long as backs have itched, people (and probably other animals) have looked for good sticks with which to scratch them.

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Q: Who invented the back scratcher?
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What is a back scratcher?

A back scratcher is a slender rod with a rake-like device on one end, to help someone scratch their own back.

How can I make a back scratcher at home?

You can make a back scratcher at home from a solid piece of wood. You can shape the back scratcher to your liking by using daily tools and then sand it down with sandpaper. You can also paint or stain it to make it look better.

What to do when your back itches?

Get a back scratcher? Or just do like a bear does?

Is a cactus pear edible?

No, but they are a good back-scratcher.

Who was the first filipino inventor?

Actually, our great great great grandmother was the first filipino inventor.Her name is Sawsaw Suka...she invented hand scratcher...and her husband invented the feet scratcher...his name is Toyo Datu Puti...

Can you make a back scratcher from a paint stirrer?

An effect back scratcher can be made from a paint stirrer in three ways. 1. Scratch your back with the stirrer without changing it in any way. 2. Attach a soft scratcher (such as a scrubby) to the stirrer. 3. Carve the end of the stirrer into a usable shape.

What is the most popular back scratcher?

Back scratchers are made of bamboo, hardwood, plastic, or even metal. The most popular type of back scratcher is made of wood, and is about 18 inches long. They retail for under $20.

What does melon scratcher mean?

Melon scratcher..Melon = head so melon scratcher is a head scratcher or puzzler.

How do you spell backscratcher?

The term is still two words: back scratcher (something used to scratch your back).

Where might one go to purchase a backscratcher?

One could purchase a back scratcher at many local retailers (names dependent on location). A back scratcher can also be obtained by purchase on websites such as Amazon, eBay, or BestBuy.

How do you make a back scratcher?

Get a 1 ft ruler and duck tape a fork at the end. it feels great!!

What are the codes to oklahoma lottery scratcher off?

The codes to Oklahoma lottery scratcher off are usually dynamic.