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Sir Rowland Hill

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Q: Who invented the penny post?
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When was the penny post invented?

the penny post was invented in 1888

When was the Victorian penny post invented?

in 1888

Victorian inventors names?

Rowland Hill invented the post stamp where as then ikt was called the penny black.

Rowland Hill invented the post stamp where as then ikt was called the penny black?

This first postage stamp was issued by Great Britain in 1840. It is called the penny black because it sold for a penny and is black in color. It pictures Queen Victoria.

Who invented The One Penny Black?

The United Kingdom Post Office issued the 1d black on 1st May 1840. It was the first adhesive postage stamp and was invented by Rowland Hill.

What year was the penny black invented?

The Penny Black, the first adhesive postage stamp, was invented in 1840. It was issued in the United Kingdom on May 1, 1840, as part of postal reforms under Rowland Hill.

What is the formula for the post-1982 penny?

If by formula you mean composition, a post-1982 penny is 97.5% Zinc and 2.5% Copper by mass.

Who invented the post office?

Packages & mail were carried by Stage Coaches, Rowland Hilli nvented the idea of paying for this service by using a Postage Stamp. 1840 or thereabouts in UK, the Penny Post.

What is the Watergate penny worth?

Please post new question with a date for your " Watergate" penny.

When was the first penney invented?

The first penny was invented in the 1800's

Who orginated the penny postage?

The credit for the 'penny post' in Britain goes to Sir Rowland Hill.

How much is a 1907 penny dollar worth?

No such coin as a "Penny Dollar" post new question.