Who invented the speed limit and why?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is not clear which limit of speed the question is asking. If the question is referring to the maximum speed of light, even this can vary depending upon the situation, but in a vaccum, where light travels fastest, that speed is usually written at c. Of course, if the question is not referring to the maximum light of speed, then one must assume the question refers to matters of traffic. Before the advent of automobiles there were all ready speed limits in place for conveyance of wagons, carts or sleighs. In 1652, for example, in the city of New Amsterdam, which would later become New York City, decreed a law that prohibited any wagon, cart or sleigh from being rode or driven at a gallop and the drivers or conductors of said contraptions were required to walk along the lead horses with in the city.

The first maximum speed limit of 10 miles per hour, (16km/h), was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1861. In 1901 the State of Connecticut introduced the first United States state law regulating motor vehicles. The maximum speed limit in the cities was set at 12 mph and 15 mph outside the cities. Why these speed limits are put in place has much to do with basic physics. The resulting kinetic energy of a collision involving a motor vehicle is proportional to the speed at impact. Any fatality becomes more probable when the speed at impact, which is correlated to the fourth power of the speed difference, rises much faster than kinetic energy. This depends on the type of collision which is not always the same speed of travel. It also had a lot to do with not scaring all the horses that were extant at the time.

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Q: Who invented the speed limit and why?
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Who invented the speed limit sign?

It is unknown who invented the speed limit sign. However, the first maximum speed limit was the 10mph (16km/h) limit introduced in theUnited Kingdomin 1861.

What speed limit is always the same as the posted speed limit?

826 limit

When were speed limits invented?

The first speed limit was passed in England in 1865, setting a limit of 10 miles per hour on trains operating in the country. The first speed limit on automobiles also comes from England; in 1896, a limit of 14 miles per hour was set on what was called at the time "light locomotives". Local governments were given discretion to lower the limit to 12 miles per hour in their towns.

What is the speed limit for a motorcycle on a highway?

the posted speed limit

When there is a speed when does that speed limit stop?

When another speed limit sign is reached that changes the limit from the previously posted one.

When passing another vechile you can exceed the speed limit?

The speed limit is exactly that - the speed limit. While a reasonable excess of speed might be overlooked when overtaking another vehicle, there is no guarantee. You can be pulled over and cited for speeding, still.

When the posted speed limit is 70 mph what is the max speed?

The posted speed limit is the max speed.

What is the distance after a speed limit sign before the speed limit is enforced?

In the UK the speed limit comes into force as soon as you pass the speed limit sign. As such the distance is zero as you should have slowed down to the posted speed limit before passing the sign.

What is the speed limit for a road with humps?

The humps do not affect the speed limit. The speed limit is determined by other rules and signs.

What is the Speed limit on highway 58 in California?

The speed limit is 55mph.

Whats the motorbike speed limit?

Whatever the posted speed limit is.

What is the speed limit where roads are under construction or repair?

There isn't one set, standardized speed for this. The construction site speed limit will vary according to a number of factors, such as number of lanes open, original speed limit on the road, proximity of work crews and equipment to the road, etc.The speed limit is whatever is posted on temporary speed limit signs.Rule of thumb is half the posted speed limit.