Who is Aaron Marr?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I am. Literally.

I would imagine that you mean, "Who is Aaron Marr" in relation to the founding fathers? Which is a question that, I am afraid, confounds me. I do not remember a famous "Aaron Marr" in history, and since that really is my name... I would have remembered. Granted, I am only familiar with British, European, and American history. Do you by chance mean, "Aaron Burr"? He was a U.S. Vice President, and is best known for shooting, and killing, Alexander Hamilton in a duel. Closest I can come to for "famous founding fathers sounding like 'Aaron Marr'".

Aaron Marr Page is a well known writer/journalist, and Andrew Marr is a presenter in Britain (I think he may be Scottish... can't remember.) and a university student by the same name recently graduated from Strathcylde University, Hey Andrew, what's up?!? Okay... I'm tapped out on guesses now. Hopefully one of those is the answer you're looking for!

Best of luck,
Aaron Marr

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Q: Who is Aaron Marr?
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