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Q: Who is Alan Greenspan's successor?
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Who was Garfields successor?

Garfield was killed in his first year of office and succeeded by his vice-president, Chester Alan Arthur.

What is the successor of predecessor of 5679?

5679 successor

How is the number 5 similar between Roman and Mayan numbers?

According to Peano's axioms, in either system, it is the successor to the successor to the successor to the successor to the successor to 0.

Who was snefru's successor?

his successor was Khufu

Who was Galba's successor?

Galba's successor was Otho.

Who was the successor to Saint Elizabeth of Hungary?

What do you mean successor? I can find no indication that she had a successor but she did have 4 children.

Why is 3 a number?

According to Peano's axioms' it is the name given to the successor of the successor of the successor of 0.

What is a sentence for successor?

Prince George will be the successor to the throne.

Whom did he nominate as his successor?

He nominated his heir to be his successor.

Who does king make his successor?

make the successor of 2090

Who was the successor of Charlemagne?

Charlemagne's successor was Louis the Pious.

When was The Successor - show - created?

The Successor - show - was created in 2007.