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They are celebrating their independance from the British.

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Q: Who is America celebrating independence from?
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Why is it named Liberty Bell?

because we were celebrating America's independence

Why is bell named bell?

because we were celebrating America's independence

How much is a quarter celebrating America's 200 years of independence worth?


What pacific nation celebrating its independence?

pacific nation is celebrating its independence?

What is the importance of celebrating Independence Day of Pakistan?

Celebrating an independence day is a process of asserting and celebrating independence and national identity. Country should fought to gain Independence. Pakistan never did it.

When is Panama's day of independence?

It is on November 28th ,celebrating independence from Spain in 1821. (Also) is on November 3rd ,celebrating independence from Colombia in 1903.

What Is Independence Day About?

Celebrating the United States independence from Great Britain.

Can yog give me Speech on Indian independence day?

independence day is a day of celebrating our independence.

What year of independence are you celebrating this year?


How many years of independence is Mexico celebrating?

On 2010 it will celebrate 200 years of independence.

What is the Importance of celebrating Independence Day in Pakistan?

14th august

Dominica's independence theme 2009?

Celebrating progress and development