Who is Felixberto Serrano?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Felixberto Serrano is a Filipino statesman and diplomat. He was Secretary of Foreign Affairs from 1957 - 1961 during President Carlos P. Garcia's administration. Prior to that position he was Philippine Ambassador to the United Nations. He first gained prominence as a bar topnotcher and lawyer. He was elected Congressman of the 1st district of Batangas province. After his diplomatic stints he ran for senator but lost. During elections for delegates to the 1972 constitutional convention, he ran and was elected Delegate from the province of Batangas. He was born in August 1906 and died in 1993.

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Q: Who is Felixberto Serrano?
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At the time of the sudden death of President Ramon Magsaysay, Vice-President and Foreign Affairs Secretary Carlos P. Garcia was heading the Philippine delegation to the SEATO conference then being held at Canberra, Australia.[3] Having been immediately notified of the tragedy, Vice-President Garcia enplaned back for Manila. Upon his arrival he directly repaired to Malacañang Palace to assume the duties of President. Chief Justice Ricardo Paras, of the Supreme Court, was at hand to administer the oath of office. President Garcia's first actuations dealt with the declaration of a period of mourning for the whole nation and the burial ceremonies for the late Chief-Executive Magsaysay.[3][edit] Outlawing Communism-After much discussion, both official and public, the Congress of the Philippines, finally, approved a bill outlawing the Communist Party of the Philippines. Despite the pressure exerted against the congressional measure, President Carlos P. Garcia signed the said bill into law as Republic Act No. 1700 on June 19, 1957.[4][3] With this legislative piece, the sustained government campaign for peace and order achieved considerable progress and success.[3]Republic Act No. 1700 was superseded by Presidential Decree No. 885, entitled "Outlawing Subversive Organization, Penalizing Membership Therein and For Other Purposes." In turn, Presidential Decree 885 was amended by Presidential Decree No. 1736, and later superseded by Presidential Decree No. 1835, entitled, "Codifying The Various Laws on Anti-Subversion and Increasing the Penalties for Membership in Subversive Organization." This, in turn, was amended by Presidential Decree No. 1975. On May 5, 1987, Executive Order No. 167 repealed Presidential Decrees Nos. 1835 and 1975 as being unduly restrictive of the constitutional right to form associations.[5]On September 22, 1992, Republic Act No. 1700, as amended, was repealed by Republic Act No. 7636.[6][edit] Filipino First Policy President Garcia exercised the Filipino First Policy, for which he was known. This policy heavily favored Filipino businessmen over foreign investors. He was also responsible for changes in retail trade which greatly affected the Chinese businessmen in the country. In a speech during a joint session of the Senate and the House of Representatives on September 18, 1946, President Garcia said the following:We are called upon to decide on this momentous debate whether or not this land of ours will remain the cradle and grave, the womb and tomb of our race - the only place where we can build our homes, our temples, and our altars and where we erect the castles of our racial hopes, dreams and traditions and where we establish the warehouse of our happiness and prosperity, of our joys and sorrows.[7][edit] Austerity Program In the face of the trying conditions of the country, President Garcia initiated what has been called "The Austerity Program". Garcia's administration was characterized by its austerity program and its insistence on a comprehensive nationalist policy. On March 3, 1960, he affirmed the need for complete economic freedom and added that the government no longer would tolerate the dominance of foreign interests (especially American) in the national economy. He promised to shake off "the yoke of alien domination in business, trade, commerce and industry." Garcia was also credited with his role in reviving Filipino cultural arts.[2] The main points of the Austerity Program were[3]:The government would tighten up its controls to prevent abuses in the over shipment of exports under license and in under-pricing as well.There would be a more rigid enforcement of the existing regulations on barter shipments.Government imports themselves were to be restricted to essential items.The government also would reduce rice imports to a minimum.An overhauling of the local transportation system would be attempted so as to reduce the importation of gasoline and spare parts.The tax system would be revised so as to attain more equitable distribution of the payment-burden and achieve more effective collection from those with ability to pay.There would be an intensification of food production.The program was hailed[3] by the people at large and confidence was expressed that the measures proposed would help solve the standing problems of the Republic-Serrano AgreementDuring his administration, he acted on the Bohlen-Serrano Agreement which shortened the lease of the US Bases from 99 years to 25 years and made it renewable after every five years.[3]Source(s):…

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