Who is John Stanard?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I think he is a black man that invented the fridge although he was never really remembered in history for it or given credit for it.

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Q: Who is John Stanard?
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What is the birth name of Wally Stanard?

Wally Stanard's birth name is Wallace E. Stanard.

When was Robert Stanard born?

Robert Stanard was born in 1781.

When did Robert Stanard die?

Robert Stanard died in 1846.

When did Edwin O. Stanard die?

Edwin O. Stanard died on 1914-03-12.

When was Edwin O. Stanard born?

Edwin O. Stanard was born on 1832-01-05.

When was Wally Stanard born?

Wally Stanard was born on June 14, 1924, in Michigan, USA.

What has the author William Glover Stanard written?

William Glover Stanard has written: 'Some emigrants to Virginia'

When did Wally Stanard die?

Wally Stanard died on September 6, 1995, in Seattle, Washington, USA.

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When did Jane Stanard the mother of one of Edgar Allan Poe's childhood friends die?

Jane Stanard, the mother of Poe's childhood friend Robert Stanard, died in 1824 when Poe was about 15 years old. Her death had a profound impact on Poe's life and writing.

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