Who is John W. Geiger?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mr. Geiger was an apprentice to architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Q: Who is John W. Geiger?
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When was John Geiger born?

John Geiger was born in 1873.

What is the birth name of Teddy Geiger?

Teddy Geiger's birth name is John Theodore Geiger II.

Who was Emily geiger's family?

Mom-Emily Murph Dad-John Geiger Husband-John Threewits

Was Emily Geiger married?

Emily Geiger did not marry Teddy Geiger at all, im sure of that. She married John Threewits.

What has the author G R Geiger written?

G R. Geiger has written: 'John Dewey in perspective'

Did Emily Geiger get married?

yes she did to John Threewits

What kind of plantation did john Geiger own?

John Geiger was born 1803 and died 1837. The plantation owned was owned by and passed down through his family. The plantation name was the Poor Hope Plantation.

What has the author Mark W Geiger written?

Mark W. Geiger has written: 'Financial fraud and guerrilla violence in Missouri's Civil War, 1861-1865' -- subject(s): Politics and government, History, Fraud, Finance, Violence, Guerrillas, Economic conditions, Bank fraud, Regionalism, Conspiracies

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I measures radiation

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Jared Geiger

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