Who is Lucy Stone?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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she was a women sufferagist

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Q: Who is Lucy Stone?
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What is Lucy Stone's whole name?

elibeth lucy stone

When was Lucy Stone League created?

Lucy Stone League was created in 1921.

What is Lucy Stone's birthday?

Lucy Stone was born on August 13, 1818.

Did Lucy stone have any brothers or sisters?

yes. Lucy stone had a daughter named Antoinette Brown Blackwell.

How old was Lucy Stone at death?

Lucy Stone died on October 19, 1893 at the age of 75.

Who was Lucy stone?


Where was Lucy Stone from?

She was from Massachusetts.

How old is Lucy Stone?

Lucy Stone was born on August 13, 1818 and died on October 19, 1893. Lucy Stone would have been 75 years old at the time of death or 196 years old today.

Was Lucy Stone famous for what she did?

Yes she was

What is Benjamin stone's twin sister's full name?

Lucy Stone

Who is prettier Emma Stone or Lucy hale?

Emma Stone, obviously.

Who were the parents of Lucy Stone?

Her dad was Francis Stone and her mom was Hannah Stone