Who is Margaret Arnold?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Margaret Shippen Arnorld is a loyalist.

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Q: Who is Margaret Arnold?
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Information about Margaret mansfield's life?

Margaret Mansfield, later Margaret Mansfield Arnold, was the wife of Benedict Arnold. She was born in 1745 and was the mother of three sons with Arnold.

What has the author Margaret Gordon Arnold written?

Margaret Gordon Arnold has written: 'Folk tales retold'

What has the author Margaret Jean Allen Arnold written?

Margaret Jean Allen Arnold has written: 'Kirby-O'Donnell genealogy'

Who did Benedict Arnold marry?

Benedict Arnold had two wives. The first one was Margaret Mansfield. She died in 1767 though. His second wife was Margaret "Peggy" Shippen. WAIT JUST A MINUTE! Both woman had the name "Margaret". Wow....

How did Margaret Mansfield die?

Margaret Mansfield was the first wife of Benedict Arnold. She died in August of 1804. It was later discovered that she died from cancer.

Did Benedict Arnold have a wife?

Benedict Arnold was born in 1740 and died in 1801. He was married to Margaret Mansfield and then to Peggy Shippen.

Did Benedict Arnold marry anyone other than Margaret Mansfield?

Yes, Benedict Arnold also married Peggy Shippen.

Who was Benedict Arnold's wife?

Benedict Arnold was married twice to Margaret mansfield and peggy shippen. he married margart in the year 1767. he remarried in April 1779 to peggy shippen after mararet died in June 19, 1775.

Margaret Shippen Arnold views on independence?

Margaret Shippen Arnold did not want independence from Britain. She knew that if she supported the rebellion, that it would not bring her family any financial rewards. So, thereforshe supported Britain with her best interests at heart.

Why did Margaret shippen convince Arnold to betray his country just for some quick money?

because she needed the money

What are some quotes of Margaret Shippen Arnold or Peggy Sippen?

Margaret "Peggy" Shippen Arnold was known for her involvement in the American Revolutionary War through her relationship with her husband, Benedict Arnold. One of her notable quotes is "I loved Major André. I saw him hanged, the first instance of American cruelty. It ruined Sir Henry Clinton and I think it will ruin Arnold." Another quote attributed to her is "My dear sir, your letter has affected me beyond expression."

When did Benedict Arnold's second wife die?

Peggy Shippen Arnold moved to London, England in 1792. She remained there after Benedict's death in 1801. She died in August 24, 1804 reportedly of cancer.