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He is a nobleman from the Maria-Proto family in Sicily. The family first served as a Proto (Provost) or chief magistrate within Southern Italy, of which its honorific became a permanent attachment to the family's original surname Maria.

The Maria-Proto family served as the barons of government and industry within the Kingdom of Sicily as a Barone dell'Albergo, along with the Barbaro family of Venice whom also served in a similar capacity within the Kingdom of Naples.

Ugo Francesco Maria Proto was a Barone dell'Albergo in 1770.1

SOURCE: Prospetto della Storia Letteraria de Scilia nel Secolo Decimottavo by Domenico Scina, p.1151

*You may find the source on Google books, by searching "Ugo Francesco Maria Proto Barone dell' Albergo"

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Q: Who is Ugo Francesco Maria Proto?
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