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Unless the intention is to distinguish between Sheriffs, Mayors, and Governors, the question answers itself.

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Q: Who is a member of the executive branch serves as president?
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Who serves as head of the executive branch of government?

The head of the Executive Branch in the US is the President.

Is the presidential cabinet in the legislative branch?

It is in the executive branch because it serves the president as head of the executive branch.

Who serves as the head of executive branch of government?

The president

Who serves as the head of the executive branch of the US government?

The executive branch of the american government is made up of the president, the vice president, and the president cabinet.

Which branch of government includes the president and the vice president?

The and his cabinet lead the executive branch. The vice-president in rather special since his only function is to chair the US Senate, which is part of the legislative branch. However, he is also next in line for the presidency and may work with the cabinet and President on special assignments.

What branch serves as commanders of all armed forces?

Executive branch, the commander in chief is the president who is in this branch.

What does the president and vice president do in the executive branch?

The Vice President serves at the whim of the President in the Executive Branch. The Vice President, however, is also the President of the Senate so he has job duties to fulfill in that capacity as well.

How is the Executive Branch Pension?

The Executive Branch pension for the President is $200,000 a year. The Vice President only receives a pension if he serves five years and then it is the same as the pension of Congress members.

What branch of government official serves as commander in chief of the military?

The US President is the Comander in Chief of the US Military

Is the vice president part of executive branch?

The vice-president is in a rather special position. His only official duty is to preside over the US Senate, and since he can vote in the case of a tie, he has a bit of legislativepower. He is sometimes considered to be part of the cabinet which would be in the executive branch, but he does not have any official duties in that regard, unless the President asks him to do something for him. He is not a paid employee of the executive branch, but when he serves the President, he represents the executive branch.

Which politician has a dual role in the US government one is executive and one is legislative?

The Vice President. He serves as the head of one of the groups in Congress, and second in command in the executive branch.

The vice president is a valuable link between the executive branch and the legislative branch true or false?

True. Since the vice president is the second highest official in the executive branch of government and the Senate is part of the legislative branch, this is one way in which the two branches are drawn closer.